Why is this blog named as "Online Memory Museum"?

           Before anything else, let's define the word "museum". According to Merriam- Webster Dictionary,  a museum is 'an institution devoted to the procurement, care, study, and display of objects of lasting interest or value'. I added the word 'online' because this museum can only be accessed virtually. Truly, this website is devoted to store my memories and experiences that I really treasure, like an extension of what remains in my mind. 

           As much as I want to keep all of these experiences in my brain forever, our memories fade, whether we like it or not. That is the reason why I exerted so much effort in creating this memory museum. I wanted to preserve the memories I treasure all throughout the SEA Teacher Project. It contains brief descriptions of the project itself, the university where I stayed, the places we've been, the things we did and many more. Yes, this may merely be a "blog" for others, but for me, I call it my "Online Memory Museum".

Why did I apply in the SEA Teacher Project of SEAMEO?

            I believe that this is a great learning experience for me as a pre-service teacher. I wanted to enlighten myself of new things when it comes to cultural identities, beliefs and my subject matter. I also wanted to practice my communication and collaboration skills especially on how to deal with people who are a lot different that me. Most importantly, I joined this project to better understand who I am, more than just being a teacher, by entering a whole new world far from home, far from my comfort zone. It takes a lot of courage to face whatever is coming my way while proving I am a committed, competent and compassionate individual of the world where I am now.

SEA Teacher Project
Click the button below to learn more about the SEA Teacher Project of the Southeast Asia Ministry of Education Organization (SEAMEO).

Before going to the Memory Journals and Experiences Gallery, go into the history and description of the university where most of these experiences  happened.

Memory Journals

I wrote a daily Journal for my 30-day stay in Thailand. These entries were chronologically organized with pictures and videos that serves as displays for exhibit in my Memory Museum.

Experiences Gallery

As part of the Online Memory Museum, this is an online exhibit of the pictures from the 30-day Project.

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